Plot 7 update 27th July 2014

Although we have been to the plot on numerous occasions, there has not been a lot worth blogging about.

Today however, was our first real harvest outside of onions and garlic!

We have grown pea’s for the first time and got a good crop so far.  Still loads more to harvest.


We have lots of over wintering onions already dried and hanging in the garage but now we have the onion sets from this year as well as the red over wintering onions ready.

20140727_144209 20140727_160555

All of the red onions are so much bigger than the white ones.

The final beetroot are just in the pan now waiting to be skinned and then pickled.  And now they are skinned and waiting to be pickled.


The cucumber isn’t ours, they are not ready just yet, it was given to us by our fellow allotmenteer, Jody.

The celery, another first timer, is doing well and is in with the cauliflower.


The corn, a mix of ours and Jody’s is coming well, even if a bit late.  Worth a go.


We have also gather more blackberries for the second batch of jam, currently in the pan.


Just about 2lbs in weight so at least 5 jars worth!

So, as well as harvesting, we have weeded and tidied up more of the plot but there is still so much more to do….

Stay tuned folks…….






Plot 7 Update 17th / 18th May 2014

Wow – what a weekend!  So hot!  The thermometer in the greenhouse said it was 100 degree’s inside, even with the door and windows open!!

We have been growing from seed at home and now was the time to start to transfer to beds and the main greenhouse.

First in was the lettuce and beetroot.


We have salad bowl lettuce and Beetroot Action in that bed and all are doing well after a few good watering’s.

We have two tumbling tomato plants and they were the next job.


Then it was time to venture and plant inside the greenhouse!  Tough job in that heat.

I planted a mix of beef tomato, cherry tomato and moneymaker.

20140518_162004 20140518_161957

Carrots, Nantes variety, were next into a big tub that contained a third plot compost, 1 third bought compost and a third sand.


These had been started at home and transferred into the tub.  Time will tell how they get on.

Into another bed went the broccoli, Green Calabrese, and the cauliflower, Romanesco Natalino.  this was all then netted and watered in.

The herb planter pallet has stood empty for a while since I fixed it to the end of the composter so I decided to line some of the compartments and plant basil and coriander.


Talking of the composter, I have now fixed boards to the first compartment and will begin the transfer process from the old composters to this new one.


The Bambino and Desiree main crop that we have planted over the last month or so are doing nicely and will soon be mounded over.


As well as all of this, we did some weeding, covering and planning for the next planting stage.

The main next job is to ready the second greenhouse for the cucumbers.  they should go in next week!!

Stay tuned……







Plot 7 Update – 03.05.2014

Having spent 7 hours at the X Factor auditions with my daughter, we made it to the plot for an hour late this afternoon.

We wanted to plant the lettuce that we had growing at home.  We had already prepared a bed and just need to weed it and then plant.


Once watered in we continued to weed the other beds and give them all a quick watering.

20140503_184436 20140503_184428 20140503_184422

The strawberries, our first attempt, are doing well.  The over wintering onions and garlic are looking good and the pea’s and onion sets are coming along nicely.

A bit more weeding and removal of mares tail and it was time to go home.

A nice hour spent at the plot in deed…..



Plot 7 Update 12.04.2014

Family day at the plot today.  Our lad came down to “help”!!

We needed to plant some of the potatoes and also straighten the 2nd greenhouse and level an area for it.

Alison started to weed the bed for the potatoes and I made a start on the greenhouse.

We planted 10 Bambino potatoes which are good for mash and baking and 20 Desiree potatoes which we use in salads.


Desiree potatoes main crop


Bambino potatoes main crop


Potato bed thus far

We have more Desiree to put in and also need some more seed potatoes to fill up the bed but it is coming along nicely.

The second, smaller, greenhouse was damaged in the high winds so, today was the day to straighten and fix a base to it.

It wasn’t too bad so didn’t take too long.  All I need to do now is level the ground for it and glaze it.


We worked hard today and with the seeds beginning to show in the growhouse at home, I am sure that soon, both greenhouses and the plot will be teeming with new crops for this year.

Stay tuned for more updates……


Plot 7 Update 6th April, 2014

We spent the afternoon at the plot today.  The weather could have been better as there was on and off showers, some heavier than others but we managed to get done what we had planned.

We wanted to get the pea’s and onion sets in so that was the first task.  Ally did the planting whilst I finalised the triple composter.

Ally planted 2 rows of pea’s and 100 Stutgarter onions!!  Hoping for a bumper crop!!


The garlic and over wintering onions, planted in November 2013, are doing well.  The onions are a mix of red and white, 60 of each!!


Ally also weeded the beds, not that there were many weeds but keeping on top of them counts.

The composter now has a herb planter on the end side.  This is just a pallet with a back board and extra planks as the base for the planting areas.  We will plant the herb seeds soon.


The last part of the plan today was to plant the Conference Pear tree and the Moreno Cherry tree.

20140406_151604 20140406_151611

The ground was quite soggy after all the rain but in they went and today’s tasks were complete.

It was great to get down there: fresh air; exercise and coffee!

Stay tuned for more updates……






Plot 7 Update 5th April 2014

Well, we have not been to the plot for 2 weeks now boy have we been busy!

Last weekend Ally planted the following seeds:

30 x Carrots Nantes
36 x Tomato Moneymaker
20 x Tumbling Tomato
25 x Chilli Capsicum Hotscotch
40 x Pepper Capsicum Hotscotch
12 x Salad Bowl Lettuce

While she did that, I recycled our sons old bed frame into a tomato support frame.


I will creocote this to give the wood some protection.

We also have the frame from a set of drawers that can be added as the tomatoes get taller.

This weekend, I potted the following seeds:

20140405_121327 20140405_145906

8 x Sweet Pepper California Wonder
12 x Celery Giant Pascal
12 x San Marzano Tomato
12 x Lldi Yellow Tomato
4 x Cauliflower Romanesco Natalino
20 x Beetroot Action
20 x Cucumber Marketmore
8 x Chilli Apache
8 x Chilli Navahoe
12 x Tomato Red Pear
12 x Broccoli Green Calabrese

All of the seeds are in pots and trays and are safely tucked up in the grow house in the back garden.


We also have our potatoes chitting on the window sill.

20140405_114620 20140405_114657

Both sets were half price!  We grew Desiree last year and go a great crop.  I chose the Bambino spud as they can be used as bakers.

So, although the plot is missing us, in a few weeks we will transfer all the seedlings down to the greenhouses and start, hopefully to plant direct into the ground and also plant out some seedlings.

Stay tuned for more updates as we head from spring into summer…..



Plot 7 Build Project – Planter Box

Following the Christmas spending spree on new toys for our son, Ally had a clear out of some of the old ones, without him knowing or noticing!!

This left us with a wooden toy box to find a use for.

We needed to put some more colour into our garden and, with an expanse of fence to try and fill, we decided to turn it in to a planter box.

So, with drill, screws, weed control fabric and spare wood off I went to construct the planter.

Having removed the hinged lid, I proceeded to drill drainage holes on the base.


I had a spare length of wood that was cut into 4 equal lengths.  The first two pieces were screwed to the box through the inside base, whilst the final two pieces were screwed to the first two directly.

20140319_191130 20140319_193633

With the feet on, I started to line the box.  For this I chose weed control fabric for no other reason than that I had some spare!!


Once this was complete, I started to fill the box with soil from the composter that we have had at home for at least three years.


It is now three quarters full and we will plant flower seeds in to it this weekend.

I know this is quite a simple project but it has killed the proverbial two birds.  The box has been put to use and we will soon have lots of colour in the garden.